How to Add a Country Twist to Your Bathroom Decor

To get that perfect country vibe in your bathroom, does not necessarily mean you must change everything you already have as decor. Just by adding a few simple pieces of country bathroom decor, you can change the look to fit that country feel you want to achieve. Here are a few tips so you can create a bathroom with the perfect country twist in no time.

The Essential Country Bathroom Decor Piece

To begin decorating your bathroom to add that country twist, you need to begin with a selection of country shower curtains to choose from. The country shower curtain is the essential piece of country decor you will need to get the full country bathroom effect. If you choose only one piece to add or change to get the look you want, make sure it is the shower curtain. The shower curtain is the focal point and once chosen, you will be able to easily add more country bathroom decor to enhance the entire country look.

Country Bathroom Decor Accessories

Choosing the bathroom country shower curtain has set the decor tone, and you can now begin choosing the rest of the country bathroom decor. You want to start picking colors for your towels and bath mats to accent your shower curtain. Or maybe, your newly picked country shower curtain already goes with your bath mats and towels. Remember, not everything has to change to get the country look you are wanting. Something as simple as a mason jar soap dispenser can add character to the room to create the country twist in your bathroom. Adding a shelf or towel rack can also maximize the look and create extra space at the same time.

Country Bathroom Decor Finalized

To be sure you have created your new country bathroom look to its fullest, you want to step back and see if there is anything else that can be added. Be sure you do not add too much accessories and over crowd your space. The number one mistake made when decorating any room, is the arrangement of accessories. You do not want to go overboard on accessory decor because adding too much will take away from the look you are trying to achieve. You want to keep it minimal where the pieces you have selected will stand out and make a statement. Once you have stepped back and looked it over, the selections you have made should please you. Also, remember the decorating of any room in your home reflects you, so in the end, you need to be happy with the outcome.