Top Five Tips for Decorating with Clocks – Farmhouse Style

Have you been going crazy over the all the county decor on Pinterest but don’t know where to find it? Do you see things that you like but you don’t exactly know how to make your vision come to life? You’ve come to the right place my friend! I’m going to share with you my five favorite tips for decorating with clocks, in style! Farmhouse that is, here they are:

Featured Wall

Do you have a wall that needs some sprucing up? You can create a whole wall of rustic clocks that come in all different shapes and sizes. By varying the assortment of clocks, it will enhance the look and feel of the room with a dramatic display that exposes that rustic county look.

Ledger Life

Not all clocks need to be hung on the wall. Some of the most amazing rustic clocks have been seen sitting on top of the fire place or the book shelf! The Carriage Clock is a perfect example of this. If you truly appreciate a good clock, this is the route for you. Placing a clock on the fire place can be the cherry on top of a tastefully done room.

Accent Piece

You know when you walk into someone’s sophisticatedly styled living room and there is just that one piece in the corner that makes the whole room? Maybe it’s a huge vase or a well-designed table tray. Clocks make perfect accent pieces. By putting a Huge roman numeral rustic style clock in the living room you’re sure to make a statement!

The Little Things

I personally find it adorable when I see little clocks. Anything that comes in tiny form is cute no matter what you say. It just so happens that clocks come in tiny form too – the excitement! The Wire Clock at Primci is a prime example. You can place these on the bathroom wall for that extra added farmhouse feel or in the entry way. They even look cute in the laundry room.


Now this idea, I absolutely love. The Clock Cabinet is the picture-perfect place to hang your keys, store coupons, notes, or any little thing that you may have to grab on the go! This rustic clock will hang seamless on the wall in the kitchen or an entry way. Behind the clock is a place for you to hang your keys. While under the clock is a drawer for you to place Knick knacks.

These are just some of my favorite places to place clocks. Have you tried any of my ideas? I’d love to hear about it!  Truth be told the possibilities are endless when it comes to country style living. You really can take anything vintage or rustic that is decor and bring your farmhouse to life.

How to Add a Country Twist to Your Bathroom Decor

To get that perfect country vibe in your bathroom, does not necessarily mean you must change everything you already have as decor. Just by adding a few simple pieces of country bathroom decor, you can change the look to fit that country feel you want to achieve. Here are a few tips so you can create a bathroom with the perfect country twist in no time.

The Essential Country Bathroom Decor Piece

To begin decorating your bathroom to add that country twist, you need to begin with a selection of country shower curtains to choose from. The country shower curtain is the essential piece of country decor you will need to get the full country bathroom effect. If you choose only one piece to add or change to get the look you want, make sure it is the shower curtain. The shower curtain is the focal point and once chosen, you will be able to easily add more country bathroom decor to enhance the entire country look.

Country Bathroom Decor Accessories

Choosing the bathroom country shower curtain has set the decor tone, and you can now begin choosing the rest of the country bathroom decor. You want to start picking colors for your towels and bath mats to accent your shower curtain. Or maybe, your newly picked country shower curtain already goes with your bath mats and towels. Remember, not everything has to change to get the country look you are wanting. Something as simple as a mason jar soap dispenser can add character to the room to create the country twist in your bathroom. Adding a shelf or towel rack can also maximize the look and create extra space at the same time.

Country Bathroom Decor Finalized

To be sure you have created your new country bathroom look to its fullest, you want to step back and see if there is anything else that can be added. Be sure you do not add too much accessories and over crowd your space. The number one mistake made when decorating any room, is the arrangement of accessories. You do not want to go overboard on accessory decor because adding too much will take away from the look you are trying to achieve. You want to keep it minimal where the pieces you have selected will stand out and make a statement. Once you have stepped back and looked it over, the selections you have made should please you. Also, remember the decorating of any room in your home reflects you, so in the end, you need to be happy with the outcome.

Top Country Decor Ideas

Adding A Unique Statement to Your Personal Space with Top Country Decor Ideas

Everyone loves to own a space that reflects their persona with unique designs and customized style statements. Antique showpieces, unique decor items, rustic clocks, and one-of-a-kind accents are some of the country decor ideas that add a unique statement of style into your home decor. Whether it be a wall decor idea for your living room, bedroom, or dining room; fabulous wall arts, funny plaques, signs, or symbols, stylish mirrors, and rustic decor items always add a sense of uniqueness, freshness, and liveliness to the space. A charming touch with a simplest wall decor is powerful enough to completely transform the ambience of a space. You can find inspirational wall decor ideas from traditional rustic art pieces to modern depiction of artistry and designs at various online as well as brick and mortar stores. With a widest range available and each piece being uniquely appealing over the other, it’s quite difficult to pick the best one.


Country decor ideas are all about embracing comfort with a dash of style. The casual and cozy appeal of these decor ideas gives a classic look to any home be it modern or traditional. Whether it be customized handcrafted furniture, classic color palettes, vintage accessorize, or rustic clocks; each of them take the spectators way back in times adding a sense of appeal and a perfect blend of rustic style with modern outlook. You can experiment with the country style decor as per your moods and preferences. You may prefer a streamlined look or cozy spaces crowded with treasured possessions. You can add an abundant collection of knickknacks or match accessories to create a cohesive appearance. Experiment with decor items and spaces to create a statement of your perfect country decor style.


Here is a list of decor items that you can add in your enumeration when choosing your perfect country style decor:


Rustic Clocks

Travel back in times with a rustic clock that perfectly blends with your ambience to create a majestic appeal. Whether made with a wood base or carved in quartz or metal; these clocks not just add a rustic appeal but also complement your decor.


Vintage furniture

Add a dash of country style to your home with comfortable, cozy, and appealing vintage furniture pieces. Stack up vintage peach crates to create a bookshelf and complete the look with comfy antique bamboo chairs. Add antique cabinets and heirloom pieces to complement the appearance.


A Mix of Patterns And Colors

Experiment with colors and patterns. Either pick a vibrant palette with fiery reds, rich blues, and warm golds or choose a soothing and relaxing palette with all whites or light shades. Play with textures as well as tone-on-tone patterns to create a visual interest amid neutral color tones.


Wall Sconces

Wall Sconces not just serve as a source of primitive accent lights but also as an inspirational primitive decorative accessory. Add a rustic appeal and revamp a romantic ambience with one of the pleasing antique sconces.


Pick any decor item that suits your style to create a statement with your home decor ideas!